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We sincerely invite you to a win-win future together! Join the ranks of those who have been earning a fine living with us. 

F1Mats B2B views the Dealer-Distributor relationship as a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership. Provided that a Dealer fits the requirements, they are introduced to F1Mats proprietary solutions by an Accounts Representative whose knowledge and expertise align with their business objectives

Dealer Requirements



A proprietary website, professional retail storefront, shop facility, or an influencer.


Brand Identity

Understand and agree with F1Mats operation philosophy and marketing pattern, have full confidence in F1Mats’s overseas business and are willing to develop jointly.


Business Experience

In-depth understanding of vehicles in target markets, with mature, professional operation, profit experience, and good service awareness in the automotive industry



Clear ability to add value via installation, marketing, photography, content creation, etc.


Proposed Site (Automotive)

The business concentrates its efforts on the automotive industry


To maintain our goal of providing the best care for our distributors, F1Mats focuses on helping you constantly improve all areas of your business.

  • One – two-day order fulfillment
  • Unparalleled Service
  • Massive Inventory
  • 7 pm ET Order Cutoff
  • Free Premium Shipping
  • Advanced Logistics
  • 6 Day a Week Operation
  • Real-Time Inventory
  • 100% Wholesale
  • Worldwide Distribution
  • Designated Account Manager for direct point of contact

Want even more? Ask us! We are dedicated to being everything you need us to be to help you succeed.
We are eager to have you on the team!

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